Fiber Lashes…

I’ve heard many different opinions on fiber lash mascara. If I’m honest, I’ve never been tempted to give it a go. Messy fibres getting everywhere? Getting in my eyes? Taking forever to apply? No thank you! 

That was however until I tried the Younique 3D FiberLash+! Honestly, I only gave it a go because it was included in my kit (I have just started up as Younique Presenter due to absolutely loving the rest of the makeup range) & I probably still wouldn’t have tried it yet had it not been in it. 

Not only was it ridiculously easy to apply, it wasn’t at all messy, AND LOOK AT THE RESULTS!!!

To say I’m shocked is an understatement & I’m now left wondering why I didn’t discover this amazing mascara long before now! What a waste of perfect lash days!! 

These pictures are not edited & I’ve not used any filters…

This is one coat of the gel, followed by one coat of fibres, followed by one more coat of the gel to seal. I’m AMAZED! I have well & truly been won over 😃

Who doesn’t want super long, super thick, beautiful lashes?! 

I’m officially in love 😍
Head to my page if you want to join me in lash heaven!! 

Liz 💋


First post! 

Greetings from Planet Liz!

A little about me: I love makeup, skin care & all things beautifying. I’m a chocoholic (I actually prefer to think of myself more as a “chocolate connoisseur”). If being completely unlucky in love was an Olympic sport, I’d have the Gold medal! My two cats are the loves of my life (hardly surprising considering the previous sentence). Other loves include music, food (usually the “bad for you” kind), the Big Bang Theory, laughing until I cry and an occasional night out when I can wear my heels and let my hair down. 

Oh, and I’m lazy! Don’t get me wrong, I work full time & my house is always clean & tidy – however, when it comes to anything I have a “choice” with, I need it to be as easy as possible. For example, my star sign is Leo and true to form, I have the Leo mane of hair. Long & ridiculously thick. It’s such a chore when washing, blow drying and straightening takes a minimum of an hour, every time. So finding ways to cut this time down & not look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge and back again, means I’m more likely to do nice things with it. Rather than thinking “sod it” and just putting it up, wet, because the idea of it taking an hour literally makes me want to shave it off! Another example is makeup. I honestly love makeup & applying it, but anything complicated which takes extra time & eats in to my extra few minutes in bed every morning, can, with all due respect, get stuffed.  I prefer products which can be applied quickly & easily. None of these contouring pallets containing 17 different colours which need to be applied with precision & a spirit level. I would like to point out that I do in fact contour everyday! But it’s simple & effective. My kind of makeup. 

My plan for future blogs is to share all the things which basically make my life beautiful but with minimum effort. From hair & makeup to simply sharing my thoughts. 

Welcome to my world 🙂