Silver/Grey balayage issues! *Now resolved* 

Ladies, I’ve had grey/silver hair for about 18 months now. Just to be clear, it is the fashionable, dyed that way kind! I’ve not actually turned grey. Yet 🙄

As per usual, I got bored & fancied a change. If I could afford to, I’d have different colours & styles every week! Anyway, I love the grey & didn’t really want to get rid of it, so I decided to go for the ombré look & get dark roots put in. 

My problem however, was how on earth I was going to use my silver shampoo on just the bits that were silver?! The very thought of trying to tackle this in the shower sent me in to a meltdown! How can I tell if I’m getting the right amount covered? Too much? Too little? I didn’t wash my hair for a week after having it done, it stressed me out so much! (No, I’m not joking – I really didn’t 😏)

How was I going to manage this easily & with minimum stress? I thought about not bothering with the silver shampoo (I must add, I use pretty high strength products, bought from my hairdresser, which can leave your palms blue) but that would mean the grey dulling, which isn’t an option. 

Then I remembered I had some silver tinted mousse that claims to brighten & tone! Yippee!

This is fab – as its a mousse, it’s really easy to apply & doesn’t drip anywhere, risking blue/violet clothes or carpets. Result 👍🏼

So, hang on… I only want to put this through the length of my hair, avoiding the roots? Easy! After my stress free shower, using normal shampoo & conditioner, I brushed my wet hair & tied it up in a pony tail at the centre of my head – then… Yes, you guessed it – just put the mousse through the pony tail! Why this didn’t dawn on me before, I’ll never know – but I felt like I’d conquered the Krypton Factor (uh oh, showing my age there 😁) when it came to me!! 😃

I’m heading to bed now following my productive day 😆

Liz 💋